Vending World uses the United States Postal Service as our only shipping carrier. We do this for several reasons.

(1) The USPS does not charge based on 'dimensional weight' this way we can charge you shipping based on the actual weight of the item, not some inflated weight based on other carriers rules for the size of boxes.

(2) The USPS does not charge extra to deliver to a residential address like other private carriers do.

(3) Lower rates, in many cases, due in part to the factors listed above, the USPS charges a lower rate for their services then other private carriers.

Service of USPS; Parcel Select, this is the slowest but most economical service. In most cases this service is equal to other private carriers ground style service. Priority Mail, this service is much quicker and is usually equal to other private carriers thrid day service (can be as quick as one day if local to us). Express Mail, this service is usually equal to other private carriers second day or overnight service. We have found that Priority Mail is the best value for the money. First Class Mail, a great value for small items that are low in cost, not even offered by other private carriers

Vending World does not provide any tech support for parts. By buying parts from Vending World the customer assumes all responsibility regarding the technical information that they have received that the part nned to be replaced. Please do not call for tech support.

Please note- We send vending parts to the following areas only, all 50 US states, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Should you order parts from outside of the above listed regions your order will be cancelled and your money refunded.