Dixie Narco Shim For 2145, 5591 - 8oz, 10oz

Dixie Narco Shim For 2145, 5591 - 8oz, 10oz "Red Bull" Shim #801817390.11 (NEW)

Dixie Narco Shim For 2145, 5591 - Spacer (155/530) Shim

Dixie Narco Shim For 2145, 5591 - Spacer (155/530) #801813770.01 (NEW)

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Dixie Narco

Dixie Narco Shim For 2145, 5591, Glued Pad Shim 5/16" #80181260.51 (NEW)

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Shipping Weight: 0.09 lbs
Shipping Length: 6.00 inches
Shipping Width: 5.00 inches
Shipping Height: 0.360 inches
For Use With: Dixie Narco Bevmax

*Due to customers ordering the wrong size shims, all shims are non returnable, so please read this before ordering

Dixie Narco currently makes over 40 different shims for the Bevmax model 2145 and 5591 style vendors. We carry the most COMMON sizes of these shims and will never carry all 40 plus shims that are made for these machines. Over time we will add to the amount of types of shims that we carry based on customer needs and requests.
The shims listed on our website that are listed as 12oz cans, 16oz bottles and 20oz bottles are designed for STANDARD VENDING SIZE cans and bottles. Please be aware that there are hundreds of these cans and bottles made and sold all over the USA that are not these standard sizes and have larger or smaller diameters. Due to this fact if you are not sure of the size shim that you need we recommend that you buy one or two of the size of shims that you think you need as samples to verify that they work with your product before buying them in quantity. If you need special shims in quantity for a custom product and you have the Dixie Narco part number please contact us and we will quote you for price and availability.
The Dixie Narco model 5591 is one of the most versatile machines made. Due to the large amount of different shims available this machine can vend almost any size packaged drink with proper shimming.
More Information
ManufacturerDixie Narco
Short Description
  • Dixie Narco
  • Sized Shim
  • Fits 5591, DN5000
  • Fits 2145 With Tall Gates
  • 5/16" Shim
  • Mfg #80181260.51
  • Glued Pad Shim
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