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*The Vending Machine Motors listed above fit the machines that are listed in the description of the motors only. If your machine is not the one listed please do not buy these motors from this page. If you have an existing motor in your machine that has gone bad use it to match the motors on this page. If you have another brand of machine that is not listed here, such as, Cavalier, Choice Vend, La Crosse, or Rockola do not order parts from this page. The above motors 'will not' fit any of those machines. People order the wrong motors almost 4% of the time and since we do not accept returns you need to make sure you are ordering the correct motor for your machine., vending motors, Dixie Narco, Vendo, Automatic Products, National Vendors, Rowe, used snack machine, pepsi vending, soda machine, pop machine motors, coke machine. Fix your broken vending machine with quality refurbished and certified vending motors.