Vending Machine Manuals

We have sold all types of vending machines starting in 1968 (including mechanical, bulk machines and other lightweight units). Please take the time to read this page completely and you will see why we now only sell refurbished commercial grade machines. We have many successful customers, large and small that have bought from us year after year. Our refurbished machines give you the best return on investment and allow you to be able to build a business that you can operate for many years. In an uncertain economy where a traditional savings account earns almost non existent interest, we have many new customers that have gone into the vending business. The vending business is the largest (legal) cash business in the world today, where you receive your profits in cash every time you fill your machines. Your rate of return is obviously dependant on how good your locations are. With a little work and investment in equipment very good returns are possible compared to traditional savings which doesn't even keep up with cost of living increases today.