ALL SALES FINAL: Vending World sells used and refurbished machines (not new and are not represented to be in like new condition) and most items have to be shipped via freight companies. Make sure you purchase the correct items to meet your individual needs. By using this site you the customer agrees that you have read and understand the description of all equipment and that if items are purchased from this site all sales are final and no refunds will be given for any reason. There is no 'Cooling off period' for buyers remorse or warranty issues. Should you have a warranty issue it will be taken care of under the terms of our warranty page. Should you violate this no return policy, by returning an item for other than warranty replacement then Vending World reserves the right to cancel any future orders placed.

BOTTLE MACHINES: All bottle machines sold on this website are designed for 'vending bottles' which are 20 oz size packaging. Many customers try to use 'super market' bottle packaging which are usually 16.9 oz, these bottles vary by size and shape in different parts of the USA. Should you buy a machine from us designated as a bottle machine we make no warranty as to the ability to vend anything other than 20 oz size vending bottles. Please check on availability of the 20 oz vending size bottles prior to ordering. We do not stock these 'super market bottles' and would not be able to setup machines using these sizes..

CREDIT CARD READERS: When a machine is purchased from us along with a credit card reader we offer warranty for the machine itself. Should the reader fail to function properly in any manner once activated by the customer we are not responsible. This includes but not limited to the reader not processing payments through the Cantaloupe system, bookkeeping function's etc. We make sure that the machine has the latest eprom in it to function with the credit card reader but our liability stops there. Should you have problems listed it is up to you to contact Cantloupe tech support for possible fixes. NAYAX CARD READERS: We do not sell these units and will not guaranty that our machines will work with them.

CREDIT CARD PURCHASES: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions on this page. Should you dispute the credit card charges for any reason at a later date this page will be presented to your credit card company to substantiate our claim for payment of charges. Please note: All major credit card companies and PayPal have accepted this form from us and we have prevailed in all disputes upon presentation of this page. We reserve the right to cancel any order that the billing address doesn't match the delivery address due to possible credit card fraud. Should an order be cancelled due to the delivery and billing addresses not matching the only way the order will be processed is with a wire transfer of funds. If the wire transfer has not been received in one business day then the order will be cancelled and considered 'null and void'. At that time the item will be placed back in stock on our online inventory. We use PayPal as our credit credit processor and they require address verification on all sales. Should you use a credit card that does not pass address verification with their system on purchases over $1000 we reserve the right to send a PayPal invoice to allow the customer to verify the shipping address. Upon payment of the PayPal invoice sent the original payment will be refunded by our system. Should the customer fail to pay the PayPal invoice sent within 24 hours then Vending World reserves the right to cancel the entire sales and refund the customers original payment.

CURRENCY: All currency listed on this site is for US dollars. Any payment made by any customer outside of the United States of America hereby agrees to make such payment in the form of US dollars. If wire transfer is used then the currency must be converted to US dollars prior to transfer into our banking system. All orders over $7,000 must be paid by wire transfer of funds to our bank in US currency for the amount of the purchase. PayPal and credit cards may be used for purchases up to $7,000.

DIMENSIONS: All dimensions, weights and capacities shown on this website are approximate and are not exact. Vending World assumes no responsibility if the information shown is inaccurate and causes space or loading problems when the machines arrive at the location. The best way to assure a proper fit with space limitations is to allow room on either side of the machines when installing them and to use the dimensions shown as a guidelines only.

EMAILS: All emails from customers regarding orders, changes to orders or other information shall be considered binding and treated as part of the original order. Vending World reserves the right to use any comments left by customers in emails on our website under the comments section.

HOLIDAY CLOSURE: Vending World closes for all major holidays and sometimes the day before or the day after the holiday depending on the day of the week. These holidays are New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Should you buy parts or machines during those holidays you agree that shipping will be delayed until the following business day after the holiday. As the days of the week change from year to year for many of these holidays please consult a current calendar for the closure dates.

INTERNATIONAL: We welcome international customers to our site but remind them that all coin mechs and dollar validators are set up for US coins and US currency. International customers should contact us for machines that do not contain coin mechs or validators so that local units can be used for the local currency. Customs and other shipping arrangement for foreign shipment must be originated from the country being shipped to. Vending World has no knowledge of local customs laws or declarations. We will do our best to provide original bill of sales documents or packing lists as needed the final determination as to vending machines entering the local country is between the foreign customer and their governments.

LIABILITY: Vending World is not responsible for misuse of items sold on this website. By purchasing items from Vending World you the customer understands and agrees that we reserve the right to limit any liability (current or future) to the original cost of the items purchased.

MAILING LIST: The Vending World mailing list on this site is private, we respect your privacy and we do not share information with any outside sources except the company that hosts our mailing list. By purchasing items from Vending World you the customer understands and agrees that your email address will be automatically added to our mailing list for future offerings. Should you wish to opt out of future offerings just click the unsubscribe link from the emails offering that you received.

ORDER CANCELLATION: Vending World reserves the right to cancel any order where freight has not been paid in a timely manner. In the unlikely event that 2 orders 'hit' our ordering system at the same time, for the same item, before our inventory can be corrected then the first order received will be considered valid. Should the above result in creating an out of stock situation Vending World reserves the right to cancel the second order and refund the purchase price to the customer. Once an order has been accepted into the system and the item is shipped the order shall be considered 'final' by the customer and Vending World. Once 'final' status has occurred the order is considered non cancel able by either party and all sales are final. Vending World reserves the right to cancel any order where the delivery address is different from the billing address and could result in credit card fraud.

PARTS ORDERS (AND ORDERED BY MISTAKE): Please order your parts carefully. Do not rely on information from our parts representatives, they do not know what machine you have. Examine your actual machine before ordering to assure yourself that the parts you order will be correct. All parts sales are final. Should you order the wrong parts for your vending machine, Vending World is under no obligation to accept the parts as returned goods. If we have already looked to see if we have the correct part and don't have it you are welcome to request an RMA# with the part you bought by mistake. Upon receiving the part back from you (and our techs retesting it) we will then issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal (whichever way you paid) subject to the terms on our website. (Minus original shipping and 20% restocking charge) or you can get a 100% store credit (minus original shipping), please let us know which you prefer. This option is at the sole discretion of Vending World

REFUSAL TO SELL: Vending World reserves the right to refuse service or to sell to any individual or business for any reason with or without notice. Should Vending World exercise this right all money paid by customer by our automated system will be promptly refunded.

SHIPPING: By ordering items on this site you the customer agrees to the following: After paying for your merchandise you will be directed to a link to pay for freight for items purchased. Items on this site do not include freight charges of any kind and freight is also an extra charge over and above the prices on this site. You the customer agree to pay freight in a timely manner or provide your own freight carrier to pickup items. You agree that the delivery address given at checkout will be open normal business hours for the trucking company to make the delivery (usually 8am-5pm local time). Failure to not have receiving personnel at the delivery address during these normal hours could result in delayed shipping time and a re delivery fee from the carrier. Should a re delivery fee be charged due to the conditions listed you will be responsible for these charges. Please make to sure to order the appropriate accessory charges when you pay for your freight. If you do not have a dock or a forklift then you need to order lift gate delivery. If you do not have a way to get the machine into the building then you need to order inside delivery. Should you fail to order these items at the time you checkout and find later that they are needed then are responsible for the additional charges that may occur to add these services. Failure to authorize these needed services in a timely manner could result in storage charges being incurred from the carrier. Should storage charges incur as a result of your delayed action you will be responsible for these charges in addition to the original added accessory charges. All freight charges on our website are considered shipping and handling and items shipped to a California address will be charged sales tax on shipping charges at the rate of 7.75%. Lift gate delivery does not mean inside delivery, due to Covid-19 carriers are not offering inside delivery at this time. Should you need inside delivery please contact a local moving service to bring the machine inside of your building as the freight company will only drop it at the ground. Cutoff time for shipping is 12 noon PT, in order to have items shipped the same day. Items ordered later then the cutoff time will be shipped the next business day. Please remember that travel days shown on carrier quotes are not guaranteed and they are business days, not overall days. Days shown are also for dock to dock shipping, should you require a lift gate, residential or limited access service, such as hospitals, schools, churches, military bases etc. it could add up to three more days to the travel time. We are in California so the father you are from us the longer it will take you to get your machine

SHIPPING LOCAL PICKUP: Customers that choose local pickup option must pickup machines within 7 working days or each machine is subject to a $10 per day storage fee. Machines that are left for extended periods of time without storage being paid are subject to the terms of the abandonment rules and regulations by the State of California

SHIPPING USPS: USPS service times are not guaranteed. Should you choose Priority mail, Express mail or First Class mail there is usually a one day delay in shipping due to the fact that USPS picks up daily from our facility but not process the items shipped until the close of the business day that they have been picked up.

PLEASE NOTE: All freight charges must be prepaid before items are shipped. We accept PayPal, or credit cards to book freight. If this is not a satisfactory payment method for you then you must book your own freight with a carrier of your choice. After you pay for items you will be directed to a special page to pay for your freight or book it yourself. We receive a very good discount from DLS and other trucking companies due to our volume of shipping. The freight quote on the item that you requested is listed on the following screens is at our already discounted rate. All freight travel times are approximate and 'not' guaranteed unless you choose guaranteed delivery options and pay the corresponding rates accordingly. Inside delivery is not an option with common carriers. Common carriers do not move machines to higher or lower floors of the building via elevators or stairs. Common carriers do not setup the machines at the location. If you need setup or the machines moved to higher or lower floors via stairs or an elevator you must hire a local delivery service after the machines have been delivered, such as furniture or appliance movers. If Local Southern California customers; should you choose a common carrier to move your freight (Saia, etc.) we reserve the right to upgrade to a local freight company (such as Vending Machine Movers) at no additional charge. Choose your carrier well. Our highest rated carriers (top 3) had minor damage claims in less than 2.7% of all freight moved. The lowest rated carriers (bottom 2) had minor damage claims at over 9% of all freight moved. Please remember than shipping is arranged as a courtesy and that if your item arrives with minor damage 'National Motor Freight Association regulations' require you to accept delivery and file a freight claim with the carrier. VERY IMPORTANT: Should your freight arrived damaged, be sure to have the driver note the damage on all copies of the delivery receipt including a signed copy by the driver for you to keep. Failure to have a signed delivery receipt with damage noted will more than likely cause your claim to be denied. Some of the carriers on our site that say 'use at your own risk' offer the highest discounted freight rates, with these highly discounted rates comes a certain amount of risk. Should you book freight with any of the carriers listed on our site that say 'use at your own risk' then you must accept the freight regardless of the amount of damage (you cannot refuse the freight) and deal with that freight company directly to file a claim. Should the machine arrive damaged it is your responsibility to file a claim with the freight company or brokerage and deal with them directly to pay your claim.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: “Limited Parts Warranty”: this indicates that the warranty provided does not extend to every possible situation. There are situations that are excluded; therefore the warranty is “limited” rather than “unlimited”. No dealers we know of offer an “unlimited” warranty, because there are so many situations outside of its control. All warranty items must be sent to Vending World by UPS (parts only not the entire machine) or other means at the customers own expense. Warranty is valid in lower 48 states. Warranty for Alaska, Hawaii, and all other countries is modified as follows: All warranty items must be returned at the customers own expense and replacement items must have freight, shipping or USPS charges paid by customer. The machines on this site and large, heavy items and due to the cost of shipping we do not accept returns or make refunds on items. Due to the cost of shipping we only send all warranty parts by USPS ground. Should the customer require faster service on warranty parts then the additional shipping cost would have to be paid at the customers expense. All sales are final.

Every effort is made to ensure that any purchased equipment, refurbished or used, has been thoroughly checked out before it leaves our building. We have a large, in-house parts and service department staffed with personnel who are experienced with just about any problem you may encounter.

All machines rated A, B or C have rebuilt changers and validators (if applicable) and carry a 90 day limited (parts) warranty. This includes (but is not limited to) all components such as, changers, validators, refrigeration units (removable type, soda machines etc.), motors, solenoids, logic boards, control boxes, digital display units. Exclusions: Warranty does not include display lamps, fluorescent of incandescent, fixed place refrigeration units (coolers, ice cream machines, frozen machines etc.).

For local customers: If parts are needed, return the defective part within 90 days and we'll be happy to repair or replace the part. For local customers we will offer phone support for all labor issues for a period of sixty days at no charge for all walk in store purchases. We only offer labor at no charge if you return the machine to us for repairs to be done in our shop. Local customer in Southern California are encouraged to come to our facility for free training when buying a machine as we do not send technicians out to locations to do training or to do repairs.

For on-line/out-of-area purchases: If parts are needed, return the defective part within sixty days and we'll be happy to repair or replace the part. We will offer phone support for all labor issues for a period of sixty days at no charge for all online or internet purchases. WE DO NOT COVER LABOR CHARGES, IF YOU REQUIRE A TECHNICIAN AT YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, YOU MUST PAY FOR IT. WE SEND VENDING MACHINES ALL OVER THE WORLD SO WE NEVER SEND REPAIR PEOPLE TO YOUR LOCATION, WE ONLY OFFER A PARTS WARRANTY ONLY.

Exclusions: Acts of vandalism, fire, flood, other natural disasters, power surges causing disruption to machine power or excess power to be delivered to machine by generators or other means, or 'salting of machines*' are not covered by warranty. *'Salting of machines' occurs when salt water is poured or injected into the coin chutes or validators of vending machines for purpose of cheating machine. Many times the act of 'salting' ruins the coin mech or validators and renders it unusable.

Damage from shipping (minor damage in less than 1.8% with our best carriers): If the machine we send you is damaged in shipment please note the damage on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign your copy for proof of claim. Shipping damage is very rare but when it does occur it is usually minor. Broken glass on snack machines or bent legs is not a big deal to repair so do not refuse the machine for minor damage. Usually the freight company will make a quick payment for such minor repairs. We have had damage in less than 2.7% of all items shipped with our better carriers. In the unlikely event that the machine has suffered major damage contact the freight company to inspect the shipment and after inspected (over $400 repairs) then refuse the shipment and have the Bill of Lading marked 'refused due to major damage'. Freight is booked as a courtesy and Vending World never assumes any responsibility for the actions of the freight company, either due to damage, missing items, freight storage charges or other items out of our control. All freight charges are considered final and will never be refunded by Vending World. Should a major claim occur please remember to include your freight charges in your claim. To report a freight claim on a shipment booked with our carriers please call the carrier directly and give them the PRO number listed on the Bill of Lading.

WIRE TRANSFER FOR PAYMENT: When using 'wire transfer' as a payment method on our website you need to know the following; items will be held for one business day. This allows time to wire transfer the money to our account. If the wire transfer is not received in one business day then the order will be cancelled and considered 'null and void'. At that time the item will be placed back in stock on our online inventory.

ADA Compliance with March 15th, 2012 regulations: Vending World has no knowledge of the type of location that our vending machines are being operated in. New regulations may or may not apply to your location. If the machines are going to be located in a public or government facility then the machines might be required to comply with these new regulations. This new law is very confusing and has not been clarified very well by Department of Justice. Should this law apply to your facility Vending World is under no obligation to accept returns of machines purchased that do not comply. Since this is basically a very new regulation only brand new 2012 model machines may comply with provisions in the law. I am told by many sources that this new law does not apply to existing locations with existing vending machines, but Vending World can not make the decision for you whether this law applies. A link to the law and FAQ sheet, courtesy of and provided by NAMA is below

Please note: Vending World does everything possible to keep pricing as low as possible. By purchasing items on this website you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this policy page. Should a dispute occur at a later date this page will be submitted in its entirety to credit card providers or PayPal as needed to substantiate our claim for payment of items purchased.