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The Dixie Narco 501E is one of the bestselling bottle-can drink machines of all time. This machine is used by all major bottlers. It is both DEX and MDB compatible and is approved for outdoor use. With 9 selections available and dispensing up to 501 12 oz cans (with can shims) or 280 20 oz bottles, this vendor is an extraordinary value.
$5 bill upgrades, All machines shown above accept $1 bills only. If you need to accept $5 bills then you can upgrade the machine at the time of purchase. When accepting $5 bills it is recommended that a higher capacity mech be installed with the validator. This will insure that the coin mech will not empty all of its change when multiple $5 bills are inserted. It is much less expensive to add a $5 upgrade when the machines is purchased because we replace the existing coin mech and validator. If an upgrade is purchased at a later time, after the machine has been shipped and in use then the cost is $399.


If you are looking at Pepsi Vending Machines they have been refurbished by our suppliers, (major bottling companies) usually within a year or two of being sold to us or have good generic graphics (cold drinks etc). The can machines will usually have one or two models back graphics (many times new signs and side decals have been installed by the bottler) and are in overall decent condition. We give these machines a general cleaning, usually with our power washer. The machines are cleaned inside and out then tested with cans to ensure a proper vend. All general illumination lamps are replaced as needed. Rebuilt coin mech and dollar bill validators are then installed. These machines come with our standard 90 day limited warranty. These machines are very similar to A-rated except that they have not been completely detailed, repainted. or new signs installed. These are usually suitable for many locations that do not require new looking machines. IN MOST CASES THESE MACHINES 'DO NOT HAVE' NEW SIGNS, BUTTONS OR SIDE DECALS (unless generic, many of these are A-rated).

Pepsi vending machines are among the most popular soda vending machines in the world. To date, Pepsi vending machines have reached over 150 different countries around the globe. In a top of the best sodas by "Beverage Digest", Pepsi ranks second right after Coke Classic but ahead of Diet Coke. No surprise there is such demand for used Pepsi vending machines as well. For a couple of years It looked as if the decrease in carbonated soda sales from Pepsi vending machines was due to new concerns regarding sugar intake and weight management coupled with a desire for new flavors. It was claimed that soda vending machine consumers were becoming more health conscious and would rather turn to water instead of soda. However serious, this claim seems to have left the demand for used Pepsi vending machines untouched - as the largest used vending machine supplier in California, we see how every Pepsi vending machine sale event raises above our expectations and we encourage used soda vending machine operators to find stock their machines with low-sugar PepsiCo beverages instead of fearing their customers deserting them.

Back in 2011 PepsiCo announced the launch of its Social Vending System, a revolutionary networked Pepsi vending machine that features full touch screen interactive vending technology, enabling consumers to better connect with PepsiCo brands right at the point of purchase. This Social Vending System enables any buyer to offer someone a gift by selecting a beverage and entering the recipient’s name, mobile number and a personalized text message. There’s also the option to further customize the gift with a short clip recorded right at the machine. The gift is delivered with a system code and instructions to redeem it at any PepsiCo Social Vending system. When the recipient redeems his or her gift, they’re given the option of either thanking the original sender with a gift of their own or paying it forward and gifting a beverage to someone else. PepsiCo’s innovative use of telemetry with the Social Vending System also delivers tremendous operational benefits, allowing customers to closely manage inventory levels and delivery scheduling remotely, and easily update digital content online, enabling them to change messaging and media content as needed.