We do not sell Club Store machines. The vending machines that we sell are 100% commercial models. They are built for use by large vending companies.

Snack vending machines are one of the safest bets in any vending enterprise. Snacks are probably the most popular choice of product purchased from a vending machine. Compared to soda vending machines, snacks machines sales are less dependent on temperature and keep selling at relatively constant levels throughout the year. On the other hand, used and refurbished snack vending machines work when paired with other automatic vendors, especially beverage vending machines. You can improve your operational efficiency drastically and leverage any existing location if you can deploy multiple types of vending machines one next to the other. For example, if you were to place several snack vending machines and a soda vending machine altogether in a mall underground parking or at a cinema entrance, your setup could attract both clients arriving or departing the premises and present them with enough choice to make sure they purchase - all you have to do is make sure your snack vending machines are well stocked and in good working condition. You might want to fill your machines with a selection of regular and healthy snacks to satisfy any demand. Also make sure that prices are appropriate when you take competition into account - nobody will use your subway snack vending machine if they can get a fresh sandwich from the nearby newsagent for almost the same price. Starting a vending business can be quite challenging in the beginning, when you have to come up with the capital to purchase your snack vending machines and develop routes at the same time. This is why we specialize in refurbished vending machines - we have the largest stock of use vending machines in California and bring in continuously new machines and parts for well-known brands like Automatic Products, Crane National, Rowe and USI. If you don't know what brand to choose between Rowe snack vending machine or National snack machines, or have any questions about developing routes, growing a vending business or simply where to get snack vending machine parts, don't hesitate to reach out to us and let one of our experienced stuff help you out. We carry a lot of stock and run monthly specials on our grade A used snacks vending machines and you can be sure we will always have the vending machine just ready to ship and start making money for you. We provide your employees and customers with the broadest array of their favorite treats including chips, chocolates, candy & mints, healthy and nutritious snacks and pastries. The combination of snack and drink options allows more variety and more sales potential for you business. Whether starting a new vending business, or expanding an existing one, you can increase sales with drink and snack vending machines. Call today to find out how we can provide the snacking solution you are looking for. Ask about our flexible financing options.

GFCI Plug For Electrical Equipment

• Protect your machines from ground faults due to faulty equipment or electrical service
• Plugs ideal for use with beverage dispensers, food & snack dispensers, etc.
• Automatic reset right angle GFCI plug with black body, 125VAC, 60Hz, 1800W
• UL standard 943 Class A GFCI with open-neutral protection
• Wiring module accepts No. 18 (.300") - No. 12 (.450") cord sizes
• Electronics housing and wiring terminal chamber specially sealed to protect against moisture and dust
• GFCI automatically resets after power interruption
• Test and reset buttons provided
• Power indicator light goes off if GFCI trips or unit is unplugged
• UL recognized and CSA certified
• Required by law on new or refurbished vending machines after April 2007

All refurbished snack machines sold on this website come with UL required GFCI units (shown above). Please make sure that the electrical source where the vending equipment is installed has proper electrical service with a 3 prong grounded outlet installed. This will insure safety when operating this equipment.