Setup guides for Univendor II bottle/can machines

8.3 ounce Red Bull Model 511

8.3 ounce Red Bull Model 601

<> 10 ounce glass

11.5oz Juice Can

12oz Can

15.5oz Yoo-Hoo Glass

16.9oz, 500ml Cole Bros

16.9oz, 500ml Perrier

16oz Arrowhead

16oz Crystal Light PET

16oz Glass

16oz Very Fine PET

16oz Welch's Glass

20oz Gatorade

20oz Straight Wall PET

355ml Evian

500ml Crystal Springs

500ml DANNON

500ml EvianSW

500ml Volvic Water PET

615ml-20.8oz Dannon Water

20oz Coke

20oz Dasani

20oz Powerade

20oz Surge

18oz Pepsi swirl

20oz Pepsi

9.5oz Starbucks glass

600ml Aquafina

20oz All sport

Setup guides for V-Max bottle/can machines

12oz Can A

12oz Can B

20oz Pepsi


The above listed setup guides are provided for informational purposes. Vending World only carries shim kits for 12 oz cans (will also do 16.9 oz water bottles) on the Unviendor II and V-Max models. Should you need shim kits for special size products, as listed in the manuals above you would need to purchase them from the Vendo Company.

We sell Sanden Vendo vending machines that have been rebuilt to the highest standards. All machines have been pressure washed, sanded and prepared prior to painting. All coin mechs and dollar bill validators have been rebuilt. All signs and side decals have been replaced. All of the machines have been painted inside and out and tested with product after refurbishing. All machines on this page are A-rated. These machines and have been rebuilt to the highest standards. Single price machines can only vend 12 oz cans. Multi price machines can hold 12 oz cans as well as 16 oz energy drinks with minor adjustments. Multi price vendors can also be set to vend 20 oz bottles with bottles shims.

For troubleshooting or parts information links to manuals below: